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Who We Are

Since 1970, CAL Thermoplastics has featured integrity, service, and competitive pricing in supplying prime, generic prime, and wide spec plastic resins to customers across the globe.


This is our forty fifth year and we have moved to a new level of service. Our sales now have access to real-time inventory online. We’ve tightened internal processes and procedures, ensuring high QA standards for our valued customers. We have significantly upgraded our computer systems, migrating to all-Dell hardware and a fully integrated warehouse management software.


The upgrades have made us more efficient, but we intend to keep the same “feel” you’ve come to expect from CAL Thermoplastics. We still believe in talking to you face to face, in “doing lunch” or playing a round of golf. (Or if you dare take on Chuck, a set or two of tennis.) We still believe in a great cup of coffee. We still believe in the value of products made from high quality plastic resins. Above all, we believe in the relationships we’ve forged through the years.